The Pirates of Manhattan

As all of us know that New York is the main capital of trade and commerce in the world so did someone know why it is said that New York is actually responsible for the financial and economical crises? The people who believe that economical and financial activities of Manhattan are really killing the consumers suggest different practices to avoid the trading traps of Manhattan. “The Pirates of Manhattan” is written by Barry James Dyke who is an economics professor. According to Barry the concept of globalization in finance and economics is better for the world but if the world moves freely without the support of New York.

No doubt, this book looks like a political book but the people admitted that politics is playing important role in the economy and finance sectors of the world. Who implement the political decisions in the economics and finance? Is politics not different from finance and economics? Yes, economics and finance are different from politics but it’s a big reality that now the trade has become politics. According to the author the world should step forward to start a new free trade policy because Manhattan or any other source will use the economy and finance of different countries for its own interests and benefits so there will be a collapse because trading conditions and policies change according to the change in geographical and market conditions of any country.

Every country has its own sets of trade and commerce requirements so the enforcement of any foreign trader will disturb the nature of local requirements of the trade. There should be some methods to avoid the financial and economical invasions of foreign traders because local trader can make the policies better than any other who don’t understand the requirements of the area.

Barry James suggests the consumers to avoid the systematically plundering policies of Manhattan. This book contains the information and knowledge about the ways and methods to avoid so called trade empires in order to develop some personal financial and economical policies and laws better for the development and establishment of local finance and economics.